Sunday, September 12, 2010


This page can be used for plans, a schedule and a record of my trip to India to hang out with home educating/unschooling families. Comments are welcome. Eventually there will be photos. I will leave Albuquerque on October 21st and will arrive in Mumbai very late on the 22nd.

The first big plan is a Halloween party at Hema Bharadwaj's home on October 30.

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Aravinda said...

Hello Sandra and welcome! Hope you have a safe journey and wonderful time. Since you have been exploring the deep connections between learning and peaceful parenting I wanted to suggest something that might interest you during your travels here.

While many of us connect readily with the homeschooling movement as it has grown since the 1960s through the path breaking work of John Holt et al, natural learning is as old as the hills. Before becoming a mother or reading Continuum Concept or giving a moment's thought to what schools and parents should or should not do, I had the opportunity to live among indigenous people in Maharashtra and observed with awe their non-hierarchical family relationships, and the freedom and self-reliance of very young children. They did not have schools. Throughout India there are societies where natural learning is in practice since generations - unfortunately these very societies are being threatened, exploited and endangered by our modern ways and very few of them have the wherewithal to defend their land, homes or culture, or ways of knowing, but some are still mounting a fierce struggle.