Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm packed, all but for a few tiny things. I have another day and a half at home to think of what I'm forgetting and to do things for the family that I think they might forget. I've brought most of the outside plants in, because it will freeze while I'm gone.

I've listened to two audiobooks and watched two movies, to help me be a better guest (I hope) in India. I'd rather ask good questions and not so many basic beginner questions. I listened to [link all gone so I don't know!], and A Passage to India (an older novel with lots of social and religious overtones). I watched "Rajneeti" (too much violence and politics for me, but hay... it's about violence and politics) and I watched "Life in a Metro" which is similar to "Love Actually," set in Mumbai.

I'm reading (but won't have time to finish, and it's too big to carry with me) Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India, by William Dalrymple.

I've read several webpages and a little book on how to act. Still, no doubt, I'll commit some unintended offenses, but I will attempt to be aware and to keep my left hand away from the food.


Sandra Dodd said...

After other movies were recommended on the India Homeschool ning, I watched Rang De Basanti, and it turned dark and scary. Now I'm afraid to watch another one. I need double check for it to say "comedy."

I liked that movie, but today wasn't a good day for it, I think. I'm trying to be calm and peaceful. :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

Watching Swade in the Atlanta airport (where I'll be for several hours).

Sandra Dodd said...

I don't mind at all being the only "P.S." on my own posts. This is record keeping for myself as much as anything else. In the plane I watched Chance pe Dance.