Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pune traffic and train station

Candid traffic in Pune, not a busy time. Tuesday, October 26, taking Ravi's mom to the station so she could travel to Indore to have Diwali with her daughter (Ravi's sister). What you might see sitting on the dash is Ganesha. That's serious. The less-serious, orange flying Hanuman was a recent addition. Someone was selling them at an intersection on Sunday when we were going to the fair and I wanted one, and so Hema bought two and hung one immediately on the rearview mirror. We saw another one hanging in a delivery van this afternoon. I'm guessing it's been there since Sunday, too.

Same trip, nearer to the train station (busier):

Jeep with Americanish art:

People's names are on a printout on the outside of each car.

We went in and waited until other people arrived (until we were in people's way).

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