Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grocery shopping

I still haven't done "show and tell" about the outing on Wednesday to rural areas, but I have lots of photos. I'm doing shorter, easier things first so that the overwhelmingly big day doesn't keep me from posting other things.

Today we went to this market:

It was filled with things above the counter, hanging, on shelves behind us (the clerk would climb on the counter to reach the shelves, and he could reach all around the room from there), outside, inside under the counter. It was really interesting. The books were kept by hand, and there was a ledger in the same red cloth book Hema brought me one of last fall. Now I've seen one in solid action!

Diwali supplies:

Rangoli powders:

That's Hema with the white scarf at the right.

One thing we got was an assortment of shampoo packets. It's common for people to buy a single shampoo pack (and you can wash twice with one, maybe). You can click the thumbnails to see the details about long black hair and hair fall therapy (second thing I've seen about "hair fall"). We get "Pantene" but not "Pantene Long Black Shampoo." My hair used to be really long and dark. Now it's kinda long and mostly grey and brown. Still... this is nice.

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