Saturday, October 30, 2010

Country road sights

These were from the trip last Wednesday--not the destinations or special sights, but snaps taken as we travelled on the road of various things. Some I recognized and some I wondered about. There were mile markers, animals, people, buildings, and a curve had a concrete barrier (guardrail-style) painted with gold and black stripes.

There was roadwork, with guys pouring hot tar from an oil can of sorts, into cracks in the pavement, and other guys throwing sand on it. We passed three hot-tar stations, with a fire under a barrel, and strips of old tires. I think they were melting the tire rubber to get the tar for the cracks, but I'm not sure. I think if they had been using the rubber for the fire there would have been stench and smoke, but there wasn't much smoke, so it was probably a wood fire under the barrel. (Or possibly cow dung? I don't know how hot it burns.)

That fuzzy monkey thing in the car is a CD case.

They're not great photos, but they will remind me of what I saw. There's a temple in there, and a wagon, and a guy plowing with a wooden plow. People really can't stop the car every time I see something I've never seen before.

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