Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking Snowy to the vet

I know the photos are too large for the format, but I'm leaving them as is because there are things to read.

Snowy, the new puppy at the Bharadwaj house, is still getting shots, so that she can go on the plane to Bangalore. I went with Hema to the veterinarian's office, and saved these images to share. I was thinking of Sadie Yurista, mostly, and our recent visit to the spacious and sanitary veterinary hospital we visited recently.

I love "the withinsigned...":

I liked the description: "All natural, moist, easy to digest, smackingly delicious..."

The brand name is "Naughty Pet":

Here's Hema, Snowy and the tech assistant:

This is the chair in the front room (of two):

I didn't take a photo of the vet or the back room, but he was young and bright and there was another assistant in the back. You could see into the back room through glass from the front. Both rooms were small.

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