Thursday, June 27, 2019

Processing thoughts and knowledge

I haven't finished all the posts I had intended to write for this, and I might yet.

The photos I took in India, I uploaded every night to Photobucket, which at the time was a good and stable platform. Now it is shaky, and expensive. But I'm glad I put the photos there, because on the way home, in the Phoenix airport, my computer died. All my India photos were safe.

Photobucket has lost some of the videos, but not all. Now that I have a computer with lots of space, I hope to download those from Photobucket and share some that I never had shared yet, but I don't promise when or if that will happen.

I never go a day without thinking of India, because I'm surrounded by things I brought back, and use them regularly. Bedding, bags, books, art, clothes. I bought a bedspread (a sheet, they say) for 100 rupees, and it's hanging in the front window as a curtain. It was already sunfaded, which is why it was sold for so little. A local might have talked him down from 100.

As sunfade was its flaw, I didn't mind letting New Mexico's sun shine on it some more.

I hope I will come and tell more stories that people might find, from time to time, by some accident of google search, or that Raghu might find someday when he's thinking about Plants vs. Zombies and living in Pune, or Zoya if she thinks about playing Barbies with me, if she can even remember those days.

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