Sunday, August 15, 2021

Slide shows (sharing too many photos)

My India photos have been fragile without a backup, and some of the videos were lost because of photobucket, but in 2020, Vlad Gurdiga moved all my photos from photobucket to my site, and found a software tool to share whole folders.

I'll be working on getting those in here so that others (Hema, my hostess, at least) can see my photos, finally.

Those I had shared in the blog before had been out and about, and some on Just Add Light and Stir, but there were many others I hadn't yet fully examined. My computer died in the Phoenix airport on the way home, and so I never had photos outside of photobucket. I am VERY GRATEFUL that every evening, I uploaded what I had, while I was in India. That trip was wonderful, and I'm glad for the images that were rescued and preserved.

Shree's Shakthri Art

Attachment Parenting session, at Pushpa's house, with Schuyler and David Waynforth on the wall, from Norfolk UK.

Ganesha Figures photographed after I got home

Photos of brooms, which were unfamiliar in their form, and everywhere

Diwali blessings, from the experienced and from one who was learning:

Halloween Party, Hema's terrace.

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