Thursday, August 19, 2021

Very Many Photos, 2010

I think these are viewable now. If you see a link that looks like a broken photo, it is probably slideshow code left over from photobucket. I'm leaving them, for now, in hopes that I can restore some of the slideshows on blogposts.

To get out of one set of photos and back to this list, click the little white (maybe) "X" that's in the upper right (perhaps).

There's something in each photo that I thought was beautiful, or surprising, or interesting, or exotic. There were many things I wanted to look at again, and ask more about, and remember. India was wonderfully overwhelming and I am grateful to everyone who helped me see and taste and hear and touch more of it.

Ganesha figures (I should add those I saw in India; these, I brought home)
Halloween Party (and a blogpost Sunday, October 31, 2010)
General, and first week (some duplicates)
Day 16, Bangalore
Days 17-18, Bangalore
Ganesha Swinging
Taco Bell GRANDE
Week 2 otherwise
Day 18, Tuesday, November 9
Pune, shopping
Week 3 Otherwise Museum, Pune
Shakthi's Art
Ram's 6th Birthday Party
Fourth week, various

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