Friday, November 19, 2010

Flying Hanuman

The day after I got here, we were at an intersection where a guy was selling these plastic figures, and nothing but these— he probably had 150 of them or more, all this dark orange. We got one for Hema's car and one for me to take home, and I have spent the rest of the time looking for more of them without luck.

After that day, though, we've seen them in four other vehicles, and I'm glad to have one. They bounce along just as happily as can be, watching the road. It's about (as Raghu explained to me) when Hanuman went to get a certain plant from a mountain that would cure Ram's brother. He wasn't sure which plant, or he didn't have time or something, so he made himself big (which is his super power—to be huge or tiny if he needs to be) and flew back with his mace in one hand and the mountain in the other. Raghu told me that Hanuman's mace doesn't need spikes because he doesn't actually even need the mace. He can beat anyone with his bare hands.

See Hanuman there in the upper right?
The car in front of us had one, too:

Here's Hema's, candidly, out in the country. I was taking a picture of the roller, and the road work.

Here it is posed:


Sandra Dodd said...

Because I saw a cloud that looked like hanuman, I looked for an image to go with it and found some to go with this one, instead: (November 2010, same time I got mine.) (Same blogger, different post.)

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