Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ganesha on a swing

This is the kind of brass stuff I love, but it's heavy and impractical to take home, so I'm taking its electronic image.

I had never seen Ganesha on a swing, but Hema said it's a common motif.

It's a little elaborate and bulky for taking to the U.S., I suppose. Google Image search had many images with a swing:


and one cloth figure that looks kind of like a kewpie doll (the eyes, I guess, and the cuteness).

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Clarissa said...

I hadn't heard about Ganesha on a swing either, but it makes sense. Ganesha is the god that helps one with obstacles, but also puts the obstacles there. And Ganesha loves a good time. Swinging, back and forth. Clarissa