Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tricks and Flowers

Yesterday I went for a little "explore" with Tejas (on the bike, who lived there, and whom I'd known before), Shakthi and Shree (Chitra's daughters, who arrived from Coimbatore yesterday).

Tejas showed us how well he could ride his bicycle with one hand, and even turn.

Shakthi is an artist, and I had some of her work before by e-mail, but yesterday I saw some of her more 3-D art, and how quickly she can make beautiful things. She told me Shree, her younger sister, was a naturalist and cared about flowers and plants. When we went on the walk, sure enough Shree pointed out each new flower, and told me to take pictures. These were just along the pool and parking lot at the housing society where Tejas lives. Shree knew the names of a lot of them, but I didn't take notes. Tejas knew some of them too, and took us to the larger papaya tree for photos of those too.

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