Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Spice Route"

There is a beautiful shop in the mall called Spice Route. Hema talked to the owner a long time, and went again today with Raghu, who identified three of four ingredients in a certain mix. They guy was really impressed, and found Hema later elsewhere in the mall and said she should take good care of Raghu because he has a gift. It's interesting, because yesterday after we had spent a long time in the store, we saw the owner somewhere outside the shop, too.

He gave me two extra cloth bags from the store. They don't have the store's name. He said that was a conscious choice. They were designed to go with the store, but not to "be advertising" in a blatant way.

They imported the glass containers from Scotland. It's just beautiful in there, and smells wonderful, too. They're going to have cooking workshops and offer food samples (and recipes, I think) out front of the store, starting in a week.

The mall is a few months old, and the shop is just a week or so old, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I would *love* to check out the spice shop. I bet it did smell amazing in there!! The cooking classes would be so much fun.

I love that the cloth bags didn't have advertising on them, and wish that was common here in the States.