Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sandra Dodd's Wild Rides

More video from auto rickshaws!

Dusk, Laxmi Road in Pune, the stores with their lights on:

Here's the preview to the one above, a wild wait, while Pradnya got a second rickshaw and then gathered our party together so we could go back to her mom's place where she had left her car.

Another day, another auto; same part of town:


Maggie said...

I love these videos Sandra - thanks so much for sharing them. We used to ride on Laxmi Rd, back and forth to my daughter's Bharat Guides meeting everyday, at about the same time, so these are a wonderful taste of our old home. Hope you're enjoying the journey. :)

Sandra Dodd said...

Maggie, how nice that I was able to give you a peek of "back home" without even knowing!! :-)

Jenny Cyphers said...

Wow! LOTS of horns!