Friday, November 12, 2010

Sari shop

I got to be in a fancy sari shop while Chitra bought a sari for her mother-in-law. Because she wanted a typical local sari, Pradnya was advising.

This is the second floor (third, American--there was another place over the entry room). Shoes off for this one, and the floor was covered in pads about 3" thick, like old-style futons. There were three salesmen, and when we came in they indicated a corner for us to sit, and brought me a plastic stool (which I didn't mind, because I was really tired and would've had an awkward get-back-up).

Behind me was the entry, where the shoes were, and the windows to the street. I should've just captured everything, but I was the last of the people in our group, and anyway one can't capture everything.

When we went downstairs to pay, I started to do a 360° view, but was interrupted by a man having brought me a chair. How nice of him! How rude to interrupt my nosy, touristy capture of his store, though. :-)

I'm scheduled to be back down on that street again before I leave, so I'll try to get a shot of the front of the store to add here.

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